2018 Finalists

Recognizing the elegance, clarity, innovation, impact, and emotion in the experiences we create.

UX for Emerging Experiences

The future is no longer at a distance—wearables, voice experiences, internet of things, bots, virtual, augmented and mixed reality is already here. These devices and experiences are creating a new opportunity for user experience. This award category allows us to surface the emerging interactions and immersive experiences that our community is creating.

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Finger Food

The RecoVR Hub is an immersive Virtual Reality experience using the latest research on mindful practices. Using biometrics to monitor a person’s stress levels within a dynamic environment, guests can control how they feel and get real-time feedback on their emotional fitness. Guests can see, feel, and change the virtual environment around them to experience a healing story that’s unique to them. Lululemon’s RecoVR Hub soothes guests in minutes so that they can achieve balance better and faster. And looking ahead, RecoVR Hub demonstrates how meditation and mindful practice will improve long-term emotional well-being.


Banter Technology

Vet24seven is dedicated to creating better ways for pet owners to manage everyday pet health concerns. Veterinary visits can be costly and inconvenient and online search results feel impersonal and untrustworthy. Vet24seven approached Banter Technology with the goal of giving pet owners a convenient, reliable alternative.

Banter’s solution is MyPetDoc, a conversational voice application for Alexa and Google Assistant. MyPetDoc allows users to describe their concern in their own words and uses linguistic natural language processing to triage the pet’s situation. Conversations with MyPetDoc don’t follow a single rote sequence but flexibly adapt based on the user’s situation. At the end of the interaction, MyPetDoc offers pet owners the opportunity to speak live to a veterinarian.


Archiact Interactive

Made in collaboration with BCLC, The Heist is a VR escape room custom-built to provide a new mix of gaming and gambling for players who are curious about different experiences. This fun arcade game lets players embody robbers breaking into a vault to snatch the treasure for points and real-world rewards. Every aspect of the game from the flashy feedback to the simple locomotion was made with the goal of maximizing comfort and intuitiveness. Unlike other pure chance-based games, the unique blend of skill and chance lets players easily improve over time, bringing home the sensation they are one step away from beating the odds and earning big!


UX for Products

Digital products play an important role in our everyday lives. Whether to monitor our health, finances, or happiness, we increasingly rely on digital apps and services to make our lives easier to manage and to make intentional decisions about our behaviour. This award honours the incredible Vancouver-based products whose digital experiences enrich and engage across a wide spectrum of domains.

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The Sneaker Con culture is rich and diverse, with 17 international events and a 10-year history as the premier global sneakerhead event.

aequilibrium partnered with Sneaker Con to bring ‘the greatest sneaker show on earth’ to mobile users 365 days a year. By combining a seamless sneaker authentication process using NFC technology with a streamlined transactional functionality integrating multiple APIs, aequilibrium developed a user-friendly native iOS experience that enables sneakerheads around the world to buy, sell and trade their authenticated sneakers anywhere, anytime. With the addition of a live content delivery system for sharing the latest sneaker news and trends, this mobile platform has grown Sneaker Con's dedicated and loyal following by bringing them even closer to what they love.

Sneaker Con


As the world’s first competency discovery tool, SkyHive was built to maximize the achievement of each and every human being.

Powered by machine learning, SkyHive automatically extrapolates job seekers’ competencies based on their experience, education and hobbies, expanding their career options and matching them with top opportunities tailored to their unique skill sets.

The competency-based methodology behind SkyHive’s technology effectively eliminates inefficiencies and subjectivity in the traditional recruitment practice. By matching job seekers with opportunities based on competencies, SkyHive allows the new generation of workers to find work based on what they can do instead of what they have done, making the job search a pleasant, engaging, and most importantly - an empowering experience.


British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

GameSense is the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) resource for gambling information with the purpose of keeping gambling safe and fun. To support the rebrand of GameSense that took place earlier this year, we redesigned GameSense.com. The design leveraged white space and custom illustrations to break up areas with large bodies of text to deepen delight and engagement. New positioning, content strategy, information architecture and content mapping, all played foundational roles in meeting the diverse needs of our audience. The new site allows players to improve their knowledge of games, while adding interactive tools to manage budgets, identify negative behaviours and seek additional support. As a result, GameSense.com provides resources to improve gambling knowledge and ultimately reduce gambling-related harm.


UX for Good

Non-profit organizations fill a unique and important space in the Lower Mainland. Great user experiences are essential to improving the way non-profits work with their partners, communities, and stakeholders. This award recognizes charities and foundations, social campaigns, professional associations, and public sector enterprises. Entrants should demonstrate how they’ve created a user experience that helps a non-profit organization achieve its goals and/or serve its members.


Engine Digital

Power Smart for Schools was built to provide educators with free, engaging, ready-made resources that align to the new BC curriculum. The platform is designed to save teachers time and money by providing resources that can be easily implemented into their lesson plans, along with activities created to inspire and engage students. Solutions range from interactive online quizzes to hands-on activities, and print-ready materials. By providing free, accessible and easy to use resources, Power Smart for Schools has supported teachers during a time of transition and given them a slight respite from the challenges of planning for their next day.



The Seattle Public Library’s role as a cultural landmark and community cornerstone strongly informed our redesign process. SPL patrons care deeply about their library, so we designed a community listening project to robustly seek their input at every stage of UX and development on multiple themes, including how to best reach underrepresented communities. We also took cues from the legendary architecture and interior design, creating a vibrant sense of place-centred connection.  With a focus on uncompromising accessibility and radical simplification, the team reassessed each process and navigation task from the viewpoint of the patron, implementing rigorously user-centric design. The result is a project that transformed the online service experience and strengthened ties between this iconic institution and the people it serves.


Plot + Scatter

Intuition Commons is a web platform to collect and visualize networks of memories and connections between women-identified artists and cultural professionals. The visualization is interactive and participatory; it grows, expands and changes with each contribution, revealing links, artistic lineages, and relationships. It was conceived as a participatory art piece, with the goal of creating a democratic and accessible space to encourage women to be content contributors. As such, the site makes space for voices, moments, and influences that have been overlooked or would not be captured in more formal archives. The piece extends to a special network visualization (including audio) for projection in a gallery, bringing the interaction and participation with the network archive into a physical space.

Plot & Scatter

UX for Marketing

Websites, e-commerce, contests, and marketing-driven campaigns are successful when they create authentic and impactful user experiences for their audiences. Your users are the audiences you seek to inform, guide or influence—and your submission shares this story with us. This category requires that submissions are or were live during the past year (October 2017 to 2018) and include metrics that matter and can demonstrate their impact.


Engine Digital

Samuel French has been shaping the theatrical industry from New York and London since the 1800s, and represents an incredible number of titles. Engine Digital worked with Samuel French to bring these titles forward and create a best-in-class, easy to support digital experience that positions Samuel French as a global leader in theatrical licensing and publishing.

Facilitating a Samuel French customer in finding a variety of titles was the main goal of the new site design, while also remaining authentic to the legacy of Samuel French and the visceral experience associated with live theatre. Theatrical delights sprinkled throughout the site experience paired with a reimagined navigation has enabled theatre lovers to easily find their perfect show....or uncover new theatrical gems.


British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Tech the Halls is the Christmas contest by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s (BCLC) Scratch & Win group. The contest gives players a second chance at winning by entering a ticket code on the website. TechtheHalls.ca had been around for three years when BCLC’s UX Team redesigned it in 2017. Using UX and design methodologies, the team made an incredible impact on revenue and player engagement. Overall sessions were up by 24%, and the number of tickets entered increased by 28%. Sales increased by over 10%, representing an additional $2.5 million dollars in revenue for British Columbia.  Our site survey revealed overall satisfaction at 92%. The overhauled TechtheHalls.ca brought delight and festive joy well beyond a single ticket purchase.


Idea Rebel

Getting personal with Canada’s favourite brand, Idea Rebel created an omnichannel user flow powered by Commerce Cloud intelligence, that facilitated a 3-click journey from homepage to checkout. Idea Rebel also employed mobile-first cues like Mini-cart and Search to ensure a superior experience on all devices.

Idea Rebel developed Roots.com to adapt content uniquely for each user. We all have different taste in clothing, and we all deserve a custom tailored experiences. Idea Rebel also designed an intelligent search that ensures that a customer with a particular product in mind can find that item faster and easier than before by adding in features such as autocomplete and category based results and including relevant products if a search yields nothing.

Idea Rebel

UX by Students

Student projects help to remind the rest of us of what’s possible. Up-and-coming practitioners are making huge contributions to innovation in this region’s UX community. This award celebrates the work done in courses, extra-curricular activities, or portfolio projects—provided the solutions were not designed for commercial purposes. To submit for this award, applicants must be registered at a B.C. post-secondary institution during the 2017-2018 academic year.


Rebecca Harrington, Carmen Li, Emily Cheung & Joyce Aquino (SIAT, SFU)

The insurance industry is ripe for disruption. While insurance is shrouded in complexity, other industries have harnessed personal and responsive experiences to engage their customers. Forward is a mobile application for an insurance company's customers to manage their health insurance, leveraging digital capabilities to offer a personal and adaptive service. Forward offers customers a new way to interact with their insurer: the process of filing claims is made understandable through card-style architecture, the status of filed claims is easy to track, and customers are able to explore better insurance plans based on their stage of life. Where there is usually confusing language and hidden processes, Forward introduces simplicity and delight into the relationship between an insurer and its customers.


Aron Chen, Gabriel Yeung, & Venus Lau (SIAT, SFU

Affecting 10-15% of all birthing persons, postpartum depression (PPD) is a mood disorder that can begin during pregnancy or within a year following childbirth; the risk doubling for those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged and/or live in urban areas. If unrecognized and untreated, PPD can develop into chronic or recurring depression. Despite this, only 15% of those affected seek professional help. Lack of awareness, poor accessibility of information, and difficulty finding relevant services limit the quality of postpartum care. Our design utilizes responsive mobile web searches to surface credible PPD information in an easy-to-digest format, which includes a widely-used screening tool and an embedded service locator that enables our users to effectively filter and find services that meet their unique needs.


Charity Principe, Joseph Coombes, Rex Shi, So Jeong Bae, and Alyzah Kahariane 

A mobile training application, Accelerate uses the power of AR (augmented reality) to bring collision estimators up to speed with immersive training simulations. Unlike traditional methods that can be costly to run, requiring instructors and specific vehicles, the Accelerate app delivers virtual hands-on training through the convenience of a mobile phone. Exploring self-guided lessons with stunning life-sized vehicle models in real space, estimators can practise key critical thinking and decision making skills. Combining the immersion of VR with the utility of e-learning, Accelerate gives estimators access to a virtual training garage without having to leave the (digital) driver’s seat.

As part of an R&D project exploring the value of XR (extended reality) technology to next-generation learning, graduate students from the Centre for Digital Media designed and developed Accelerate in partnership with Accenture Canada.