Criteria & Judges

Recognizing the elegance, clarity, innovation, impact, and emotion in the experiences we create.

Award Criteria

As the UX industry evolves, so do the awards. All submissions will be evaluated and scored by the judges on how they respond to and satisfy these five criteria.


How cohesive and refined does the solution feel? How seamless and consistent are users’ interactions with the solution?

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Some interactions are complex in nature—how does the experience support clear mastery of the task at hand, while minimizing friction?

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What’s new, different, or exciting about this work? How does it stack up to current conventions and patterns we use today?


What results can be attributed to the user experience of the solution? What measurable ways has it impacted business and people?


How does the work create an emotional connection between the user and its intent? Emotion can range from joy and delight to empowerment and a desire to take action.


Each year, the Vancouver UX Awards seeks out judges who represent different sectors of the UX industry, with varying levels of experience. It is this breadth of expertise that brings such unique perspectives to the judging process. We are happy to introduce Selma Zafar as your Jury Chair for the 2021 Awards, and look forward to continuing to introduce you to the full judging panel throughout September. 


Selma Zafar

At Best Buy Canada, Selma leads the Experience Design team, a multi-disciplinary team of Content Strategists, UI Designers, UX Writers, UX Designers & Digital Designers who design with empathy to unlock the next level of omni-channel experiences for Canadians. She believes that the best experiences are created by individuals who are passionate about their craft and are filled with purpose. It is this magical combination that she strives to create everyday for members of her team.


Oliver Browne

Oliver is currently the Design Operations Lead at Thinkific. He's glad to be focused on empowering product teams to do their best work through the development and deployment of design processes, tooling, and systems across the company.  

Oliver's excited to be part of the UX Awards this year, and brings a range of SaaS, e-learning, mobile e-commerce and product design experience to the table, gathered over more than eight years of experience in agency, startup, and growth-stage companies. 


Joyce Logan

With over a decade of experience in the UX world, Joyce has been involved with designing products across a gamut of industries, including medical imaging, academic services, mobile games, and most recently, finance. 

What excites Joyce most is designing and discovering seamless user experiences—experiences so smooth and intuitive that they're nearly imperceptible. While people remember the terrible experiences they have with an app, a process, or a website, Joyce wants to be part of creating and celebrating the quietly great processes, the easy and instinctual experiences that remove barriers and make days even a little bit better.


Patty Abbott

Patty is a Digital Experience Manager at Douglas College where she is responsible for building, measuring and enhancing the College’s digital presence. She has over 20 years' experience working with a variety of businesses helping them to develop their online user experience journeys, and is also a passionate entrepreneur. She has spent the last four years developing a successful wellness brand, You + Me Candles. 

Patty is looking forward to reviewing the creative work submitted for this year’s Vancouver UX Awards. She is inspired to see all of the beautiful work coming from the UX community.


Trevor Allen

For more than 15 years, Trevor has been a passionate Experience Design practitioner in Vancouver’s design community working across various sectors such as video games, telecommunications, retail and digital workspaces. Currently, he is leading the eCommerce cart and checkout design team at TELUS Digital, focused on large scale digital commerce initiatives set to transform the purchase experiences for TELUS customers.

Trevor has benefited from mentorship from many Experience Designers, technical and business leaders in our community. Participating as a judge in the 2021 Van UX Awards is a fantastic extension of his mentoring practice, so he is both thrilled and honoured to be a member on the panel.  Having attended many Van UX Award shows in the past, including the first year of its launch, he has found the submissions inspiring and a source of pride in the Vancouver design community.


Jolie Godin

Jolie is a Senior Product Designer at Hootsuite, where she specializes in helping software products achieve greater end user adoption, and mentors the next generation of rockstar & superstar designers. Her past experience includes roles as an individual contributor, re-designing software products from the ground up, and as an executive, advocating for design at the leadership level, and influencing the product roadmap. She enjoys working with close-knit project teams, and bringing people together to ultimately create accessible products that help end users work smarter.
Jolie is excited to bring together and celebrate the humans that facilitate technology for good, through the creation of end user experiences that improve the lives of the people that use them.


Maria Pereda

Maria leads design at Clio, helping increase accessibility to justice while improving the lives of lawyers and their work process. Previously, she’s led multidisciplinary teams at Roadmunk, Schoology, Critical Mass and GE. 

Her greatest achievement to date is setting a path for other aspiring female designers as a woman in a leadership role, proving why she belongs and hopefully helping those that follow her footsteps feel like they belong a bit more than she did earlier in her career.

The Vancouver User Experience Awards are back for 2023!

As Freddy Mercury once said, "The show must go on!". We're proud to announce that the Vancouver User Experience Awards are back for 2023! 

The largest UX design focused event is returning, with our first full scale event since 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic. For 9 years, the Vancouver UX Awards has brought together the brightest minds in the UX, Design and Technology community, and planning is well underway on our biggest event yet.

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