Sponsor Spotlight: Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

“Inspiration” is the reason why Finger Food Advanced Technology Group has returned as a sponsor of the Vancouver UX Awards for a fourth consecutive year.

“Every year we're inspired by the work of those nominated,” explains the Finger Food Advanced Technology Group’s Senior Creative Director Tyler Payne. “Very few events really showcase the best of UX and design each year, especially when it comes to up-and-coming companies and individuals.”

With more than 10 years of experience hiring and supporting designers, the company (formerly known as just “Finger Food”) has a lot of knowledge about finding and nurturing UX talent. Beyond seeking the typical desired qualities such as “willing to learn” and “being a team player,” Finger Food Advanced Technology Group looks for practitioners who have empathy.“

We're always looking for those who can really put themselves into a client’s or end-user’s shoes, and understand which experiences will address their challenges,” Payne says. “We also like practitioners who are willing to challenge the norm, take a risk, and embrace the new technologies in front of them.”

Embracing new technologies was a central theme for the company’s rebranding as Finger Food Advanced Technology Group last year. The new name emphasizes the company’s innovative core while broadening the reach and appeal of the brand.

The company has always designed and built custom solutions using AR/ VR, AI, and other emerging technologies for some of the most complex and challenging problems facing leading companies such as Lululemon, Microsoft, and Lowe’s.But now, they are aiming to attract global companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage by owning their technology stacks, rather than simply deploying solutions on the same technology platforms as their competitors.

Finger Food Advanced Technology Group aims to be the go-to advanced technology group for these companies. As “Advanced Technology” suggests, the company’s team of 200 omni-stack designers, developers, engineers, project managers, and other professionals becomes their clients’ internal advanced technology group.

With experts predicting a steady and sizeable increase in R&D budgets among Global 1000 companies in the next few years, Payne says this is “an unprecedented market opportunity.” He says the company’s in-house expertise in AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Robotics, and IoT, enables them to create cloud, web, mobile, machine and advanced-interface solutions built on top of emergingtechnologies, with intuitive UI and stunning UX at the crux of every product.

Attracting and retaining skilled practitioners across a myriad of platforms, technologies and verticals will be essential to the company’s plans for continued growth. That’s why Payne and his team are especially excited about sponsoring the upcoming awards:  “What better way to get a sneak peek at the province's talent?”

Join Payne and Finger Food Advanced Technology Group at the VanUX awards on Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

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