Meet the Team: Julie Tremblay

Meet Julie Tremblay, Co-Founder at Hyperminds!

What’s one thing that’s common between culture, brand, and digital products? One word - experience. 

We are surrounded by them. As consumers of products, we experience them in digital and physical forms; as employees, we experience companies from the internal perspective. As humans, we are in a whirlpool of brands that dictate our life and our choices in ways we are not even aware of. 

In the summer of 2019, these three worlds - culture, brand, product - collided. Julie, David Kohler and Karina Daukaeva, each representing their own domain, came together to form Hyperminds - a design company that transforms and designs experiences. Firmly believing that future of work is human-centric, Hyperminds apply design thinking to culture transformation, working closely with the teams to help them design employee experiences rooted in company’s purpose and values. Once the culture strategy is solidified and adopted, Hyperminds tackle brand and digital products, creating experiences that amplify organizational purpose.

As a Co-Founder and Head of Brand, Julie Tremblay has been firmly planted in the design community for the last decade. A former Associate Creative Director at digital agency Pound & Grain, she made the leap into education, building the very first certified diploma-level UI Design course that helped thousands switch careers to enter the tech industry. She eventually switched her focus to designing employee experiences as the Chief People Officer at RED Academy; splitting her time between Toronto and Vancouver. The rest is history, as they say - Julie’s influence and support of the local design community is what led her to join the organizing team for Vancouver UX Awards. 

Julie’s a powerhouse when it comes to bringing ideas to life - her relentless drive, phenomenal organization skills (seriously, you won’t find a more organized designer out there), and her communication style is the magic dust that elevates teams and helps projects get off the ground. Tinker Bell doesn’t stand a chance. 

As the Awards Gala quickly approaching (November 26 - save the date!) we asked Julie what she’s looking forward to the most. In her words “Having the sense of being together as one design community. Being in the same place at the same time and seeing the great work that is happening in Vancouver. For us to take the time to celebrate our craft, our innovative thinking, and the positive impact that the work we do has in our community.”