Meet the Team: Anthony Hempell

Like many in the UX field, Anthony Hempell, President and Managing Director of Antenna Consulting, took a long and winding path to work in UX and eventually lead his own consultancy.

"It’s one of the things I love to hear about from anyone I meet in our industry — what did you do before? What prompted you to make the move? What keeps you interested and engaged?” 

"I think the diversity of backgrounds among UX practitioners is one of our greatest strengths,” he explains.

Anthony’s path towards UX started at Simon Fraser University in 1989, where he initially started majoring in film but got sidetracked by the Communications courses he was taking. He got his first e-mail account and was introduced to the internet in an Information Tech stream of classes where he met many others who’ve risen to technology leadership positions throughout the city. Those courses kindled a curiosity into how technology had transformed societies, cultures and empires across the ages, and it seemed obvious to Anthony that we were on the cusp of another tide of change.

After school he worked in digital prepress, and then got his first job as a developer with digital agency Columbus Group. He then tried project management (“I loved it but couldn’t handle the stress”) before taking on the role of Information Architect. 

"It wasn’t until much later that I first heard the term “User Experience” and understood that was what I had been doing for years.  I’ve been proud to be part of this community for over 22 years and have always tried to support whatever people and organizations seemed to be moving the greater cause of user-centred design and research forward in Vancouver,” he says.

Anthony was was honoured to be selected to the judging panel in last year’s awards. “Judging gave me the opportunity to see behind the scenes of how the event is run and the high standards the judges and organizers hold themselves in terms of fairness and openness.  It made me proud to be part of a community that puts on an event of such high calibre and integrity."

It’s with this in mind that he decided to join the Vancouver UX Awards organizing committee this year.  "The UX Awards has been a highlight of my professional calendar each year since its inception, and I’m honoured to assist in keeping this tradition alive and growing in the years to come."