Sponsor Spotlight: Trainerize

Trainerize joins the Vancouver User Experience Awards as UX for Emerging Experiences sponsor. 

You may not have heard of them yet, but there are big things happening at Vancouver startup, Trainerize. For Laura Dunlop and her colleagues, the Vancouver User Experience Awards will be an opportunity to introduce Trainerize to the UX community. The Awards, she explains, will be their first foray into making themselves more known in this area. “Vancouver is such a strong hub for design, tech, and UX. This is our opportunity to say ‘here we are!’ and show everyone how we’re innovating in both UX design and fitness technology.”

As Content Marketing Manager, Laura is tasked with providing the best possible user experience through words, complementing the work of the Product Director and their team of designers. “We live by the motto ‘if you have to explain it, it’s not working.’” 

One of the ways Trainerize keeps user experience top of mind and challenges the status quo is through cross-team communication. “Trainerize thrives on collaboration, and every feature or update we put out is the result of a team effort and a melding of minds” Laura explains. “At every step in the process, our designers, developers, QA team, marketing team, and sales team are working together to create a product our users—and their clients—will love. It’s an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality and it’s helped us create some groundbreaking new features.”

One such feature is Trainerize Pay, a tool that helps personal trainers automate their business by delivering programs, sending invoices, collecting payments, and more. With features like Trainerize Pay—a solution they’ve submitted to the UX for Marketing category—the Trainerize team is working to help fitness professionals improve the way they do business. 

As a profession, personal training is time-intensive Laura explains; “With the traditional model of in-person training, you can only see so many clients in a day.” The need for face-time limits trainers’ earning potential, leaving little time for the essential administrative work, which includes everything from marketing, to invoicing, communication with clients, and creating the actual training programs. 

On the whole, Trainerize aims to free up trainers’ time, remove the limitations on their earning potential, and help them connect with new clients. Another important piece of the puzzle is challenging the notion that personal training is a luxury service. Their app, Laura tells us, makes it possible for people to connect with trainers, and get guidance and programs, without necessarily adding the expense of in-person sessions. 

By merging fitness with eCommerce, Trainerize is revolutionizing the way fitness professionals do business. Given the emphasis they place on making things easier for their clients, it’s no surprise that user experience is always top of mind for the Trainerize team. Vancouver, Laura explains, is a great place to be. “We’ve been paying attention to what’s happening around us.” The VanUX Awards, she adds, will be a great opportunity to connect with the city’s innovators. 

“Vancouver is a small city when you consider the general sphere but there is so much amazing work coming out of this area. The team at Trainerize is looking forward to seeing it, recognizing it, and celebrating those doing it.”