Vancouver UX Awards announce 2019 Gala Keynote

The Vancouver UX Awards and our Keynote Sponsor AGI are excited to announce our opening 2019 Keynote address "From Resistance to Acceptance: Making Change Stick" will be given by Sarah Dickinson and Erin Cooper of NOBL. 

Keynote Summary

Like any grand adventure, leading change requires skill, daring, and yes, good fortune. Frequently those blazing new trails are you - the intrepid UX leader. 

You’ll scale peaks of difficulty and cross valleys of doubt, taste the sweet nectar of victory and drink from the bitter cup of defeat—often times within the same day. And inevitably, there will come a point when even the most ambitious and valiant person will ask themselves, “What on earth was I thinking?”

In our opening keynote, Sarah and Erin discuss why change, even when much needed, is neither a given or rarely straightfoward. In a human-centered approach rooted in movements over mandates, they share why change must start with empathy, and how by identifying sources of resistance and personal loss we can dramatically improve other’s willingness to embrace change. 

Sarah and Erin speaking

About NOBL

NOBL help leaders design cultures that deliver on strategy and adapt to change. They’re pioneering the intersection of organizational psychology, design thinking, and business strategy. They’ve helped world-famous organizations such as AirBNB, Google, Warner Brothers and Calvin Klein design their cultures.


Erin Cooper

Erin Cooper

With over 20 years of experience in program management and digital product development, Erin pairs her industry experience in project management and digital project development with a background in systems analysis and human resources. She is well recognized for her ability to coach and inspire senior leaders - including those at Starbucks, Nintendo and lululemon- to better navigate shifting market demands and emerging technologies. 

At NOBL, she brings this expertise to developing scalable processes, tools and agile ways of working that help teams unlock potential, build velocity and achieve purposeful growth and change.


Sarah Dickinson

Sarah Dickinson 

Sarah works at the intersection of culture, ideas, and people. For two decades, the central theme of her work has been designing new ways for teams to create and collaborate to push beyond boundaries, cross the streams of their discipline and achieve collective change. Her guidance, methods, and tools are participatory, purpose-led and diversely inclusive. 

As a leader she unlocks powerful cohesiveness and commitment, bringing energy and drive to instill sound, values-led and intuitive decision making. She is a highly-valued mentor, speaker and board member.