Sponsor Spotlight: Finger Food

After seeing Jonathan Suter of Simple Tax give the keynote presentation three years ago, Graham Cunliffe knew he wanted Finger Food to be involved with the VanUX Awards. “It was a no-brainer for us to get involved,” says Graham, SVP, Business Affairs and Operations at the Tri-Cities firm. “There’s a lot of really amazing design work happening in our city and it’s important for us to come together to recognize and celebrate it.”

Finger Food is a professional services company that partners with global companies like lululemon, Microsoft, Lowe’s, TELUS, Activision, and more. From enhancing products to rethinking the way entire industries work, their team creates new business opportunities by designing solutions that positively disrupt markets. 

Their goal is to help clients transform their organizations with innovative digital solutions. The RecoVR Hub—a virtual reality experience created by the Finger Food team for lululemon—is a great example of this. The project’s aim is to help users achieve balance in their lives by educating them on the state during which the body recovers mentally from daily stressors. Using virtual reality, the RecoVR Hub transports users to a virtual environment, giving them new ways to access recovery. 

From health to natural resources, to retail, their clients are diverse and the work is complex. Using the latest in AR/VR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, and IoT systems, the Finger Food team helps their partners create tangible value. 

“Our work spans industries and technical platforms, so our team members have an amazing opportunity to try new and exciting things at work,” explains Ryan Peterson, CEO of Finger Food. His team is deeply curious and passionate about learning, and the Awards have been a great way to attract such talent. For every year they’ve been involved with the Awards, Ryan and his team have made a number of new hires. “There’s a lot of strong talent flowing into the industry every year,” he notes. 

Now in their third year as sponsors, the Finger Food team still looks forward to the event every year. “What I look forward to most is having an opportunity to connect with new people in the industry,” explains Graham. “The future is really bright for design and UX in Vancouver.” 

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