Sponsor Spotlight: Domain7

In recent years we’ve seen the value of designs that are empathetic and human-centered. Whether it’s a service, a website, or a tactile product, co-creation and consultation have become increasingly important to designers and their end users. Domain7 is a digital service studio and transformation agency that has always recognized this need and has viewed the challenge as an opportunity. “Technology is rarely just about technology,” explains Stanley Lai, Design Director at the Vancouver and Abbotsford agency. “There are very real consequences for the way people live and share their lives.”

It’s this user-centric approach that makes us thrilled to have Domain7 return as our Demo Day sponsor. Lai recognizes that the Awards will host a number of important conversations centered around the future of technology and design. “It’s a no-brainer to contribute to this change making,” he says. Lai also notes it’s a great opportunity to bring the UX community together and celebrate the work being done in the Lower Mainland. 

Creating space for conversation and co-creation

“One thing I like about the way UX is practiced in Vancouver is the pace it takes. It’s a bit slower and more intentional,” said Lai. “Velocity and speed are important, but there is a culture here of needing to listen.” For the Domain7 team, listening is a core practice. In their recent work with the Seattle Public Library, they wanted to put the patrons at the heart of the project and give them a voice. 

Before embarking on the website redesign, Domain7’s designers brought community listening to life through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. As the project progressed, patrons became increasingly invested in the outcome and were updated regularly. The result was a website the entire community could say they had a hand in shaping.

“Inclusivity is something we care deeply about and accessibility is a key interest of ours,” explains Content Marketer, Veronica Collins. Domain7 is a people-first organization and empathetic partner. This, Collins explains, means people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, and really dig into their projects. When working with clients, this manifests through listening and recognizing that clients have important insights to offer into how their brand’s digital transformations unfold.

Evolving as an industry

The UX industry is constantly changing. As it moves into new spaces, we as practitioners have to be aware of the implications of our designs. “We are in the very early stages of what that means and what that represents,” said Lai. “It’s an exciting time for anybody in technology to be part of that conversation and be able to do something about it.” Lai is excited to explore this topic with community members at a co-facilitated VanUX workshop this fall. 

More than anything, the Domain7 team is looking forward to connecting with Vancouver’s amazing UX community. “It’s important for the community to have a place to meet and an event to celebrate the work that’s being done,” said Lai. “There are a lot of great companies doing interesting work, and it’s important to celebrate that.” 

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