Announcing 2021's Keynote Speaker: Bradley Shende

We’re happy to announce the Keynote Speaker of this year’s Van UX Awards is Bradley Shende

Meet Bradley:

A Creative Technologist and Storyteller, Bradley is the co-founder an Indigenous business accelerator called INDIGENEXT and created a think tank devoted to sustainable economic development. Now dedicated entirely to technologically supported social impact projects he continues his focus for the simple beauty behind complexity.

Meet the Keynote:

What does Indigenous Reconciliation mean from a design practice perspective? How can we become better learners through deeper dives into history and our place within it? How do we move forward with understanding, meaning and real action above and beyond simple surface level “acknowledgement?” How can we learn to become better active listeners, designers, artists, creators and members of the communities we serve? How can we design for healing? And how can we understand, map and empathize  with lived experiences that may be entirely unfamiliar to our western worldview?

We’ll explore these questions though the work Bradley, as a self described “Recovering Creative Technologist” has embarked upon over the last five years in a journey to find more meaningful work.

Get your ticket to see Bradley and other great UXers at the Awards Gala here!