2019 Finalists

Recognizing the elegance, clarity, innovation, impact, and emotion in the experiences we create.

UX for Emerging Experiences

The future is no longer at a distance—wearables, voice experiences, internet of things, bots, virtual, augmented and mixed reality is already here. These devices and experiences are creating a new opportunity for user experience. This award category allows us to surface the emerging interactions and immersive experiences that our community is creating.



MARVEL Dimension of Heroes is an Augmented Reality video game designed and developed by Archiact Interactive, in partnership with Disney, MARVEL, and Lenovo. With our project partners, Archiact designed and developed an intuitive, engaging and industry-shaping AR video-game experience. Play as Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord and Doctor Strange right in your living room!



Focus of Attention is a user interface for live video monitoring that uses AI-powered analytics to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators. 

Typical video management software floods the user with data in the form of a video matrix and alarm notification panel, relying on human intelligence to extract the most relevant details from an enormous amount of data, a function that humans can be are known to be very poor at. Rather than watching static video feeds, Focus of Attention uses AI-powered Avigilon self-learning video analytics and Unusual Motion Detection technologies to determine what information is important and should be presented to security operators. By providing actionable information immediately to users, the system is designed to help ensure that critical events do not go unnoticed. 


Microsoft Vancouver

Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality application for HoloLens that utilizes the power of spatial computing and allows anyone to create holographic content that can be 'anchored' to physical space. Guides can be used to provide step by step instructions for complex procedures that point to the tools and parts needed for a task and show users where and how to apply. Animated 3D models are overlaid on the real word in conjunction with images and video that are displayed in a dynamic 'instruction card' that stays with the user.

Combined with a drag and drop authoring tool that doesn't require any specialized development of 3D skills, Guides transforms how user can create and consume holographic mixed reality content. In addition to hands on training use cases, Guides is also being used to provide advanced service manuals for technicians, operational instructions for complex machinery, and even for interactive tours and galleries.


UX for Products

Digital products play an important role in our everyday lives. Whether to monitor our health, finances, or happiness, we increasingly rely on digital apps and services to make our lives easier to manage and to make intentional decisions about our behaviour. This award honours the incredible Vancouver-based products whose digital experiences enrich and engage across a wide spectrum of domains.

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British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

With BCLC’s Lotto app for iOS and Android you can check lottery tickets on your phone from anywhere in BC. Scan your favourite tickets including Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, Daily Grand, Keno, Scratch & Win, Pacific Hold’em Poker, Poker Lotto and Sports Action. With the new iOS app you can also buy tickets, get instant alerts if you’ve won, and easily manage your lottery experience. The Lotto app is currently enjoyed by more than 850,000 British Columbians.



Ever been left waiting for the check? We can connect you straight to your meal or beverage order on your phone, wherever you're seated. With a tap or scan on a code nearby you can view, split, pay and go when ready with no sign-up and no app download. We were able to create and release the final piece of the ‘Ready Pay’ product puzzle in July this year. Split Check is now live in all venues using Ready and has led to increased usage from guests overall. 


Spliqs Intelligent Media

Spliqs is a music creation app, powered by AI. It is designed to help anyone create music, whether you have no musical experience at all, not even touched an instrument, all the way to pro musicians looking for inspiration. This use of AI allows anyone to leapfrog years of musical education and focus on the fun experience of creating and discovering new music.


UX for Good

Non-profit organizations fill a unique and important space in the Lower Mainland. Great user experiences are essential to improving the way non-profits work with their partners, communities, and stakeholders. This award recognizes charities and foundations, social campaigns, professional associations, and public sector enterprises. Entrants should demonstrate how they’ve created a user experience that helps a non-profit organization achieve its goals and/or serve its members.


Logic & Form

A massive interactive wall made for exploring historical and contemporary digital records about the Indian Residential School System, presented on 3 × 100" 4K multitouch screens with maps, timelines, nodes, browsing and 6-channel audio.

One of the main purposes of the project was to provide a unique way of representing historical and contemporary digital records about the Indian Residential School system. In particular, a major goal was to create many avenues for entry into the subject matter of the IRS through a purposefully unguided experience. The system was intended to provide an open-ended approach to learning about the IRS through a variety of data visualization interfaces that provide a gateway to the Centre’s digital records.


NGX Interactive

An re-imagining of a vintage microform reader, this exhibit uses a blend of physical and digital elements to reference the form factor and nostalgia of using a “retro” research tool, within a sleek, modern, and intuitive interface.

Built to provide visitors with a curated glimpse into the CPL's own collection, the kiosk offers an introduction to Calgary's history, sorted into easy to grasp content themes. Each theme is easily activated using a RFID-enabled "story card", and a pleasing scrolling knob invites users to explore. 

The simple familiarity of the interaction is complemented by an interface and physical design approach that leverages the overall architecture of the building itself, and is backed up by an extensible content management system framework that enables the CPL to add content over time, without changing the user experience or require significant design rework. 



Arrival Advisor helps newcomers find information and resources that are relevant to their situation to help them in their immigration journey.

Arrival Advisor serves as a reliable source for information that users can trust right from the time they start planning their journey to move to Canada to after arrival.

To design and develop the Arrival Advisor app, PeaceGeeks partnered with service providers, newcomers, and key local stakeholders to understand the challenges faced by immigrants and refugees in British Columbia.

We brought these diverse community voices to the table through Advisory Committees. The Committees come together regularly to seek solutions to the shared problem of access to information and services. 


UX for Marketing

Websites, contests, and marketing-driven campaigns are successful when they create authentic and impactful user experiences for their audiences. Your users are the audiences you seek to inform, guide or influence—and your submission shares this story with us. This category requires that submissions are or were live during the past year (October 2018 to 2019) and include metrics that matter and can demonstrate their impact.

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Apply Digital

Ag Growth International (AGI), an international agricultural manufacturer, had grown significantly in the past few years through the acquisition of other companies. This had led to their digital presence being fragmented, inconsistent, and outdated. Their corporate website was not responsive, nor could it accommodate the company’s bold growth strategy and continued market expansion. 

Aggrowth.com launched as an elevated, much-improved corporate marketing website that united the company’s enterprise marketing vision with a unified brand message and a powerful story, all supported by a new, robust content management system.


Engine Digital

The Power Smart campaign has been in the market since 1989, but many of BC Hydro’s residential customers were not aware of the programs, simple behavioural changes, and DIY upgrades that make a significant difference in conserving electricity.

The Power Smart website provided a clear and consistent creative platform to communicate these tips and help educate British Columbians about quick, easy, and low cost ways to make a difference. The website also included a contest with weekly energy-saving prize packages and a grand prize. The Spring campaign resulted in 250,000 contest submissions, which more than doubled the number of contest submissions in the Fall campaign.

The Engine Digital team provided a platform that was a departure from previous Power Smart campaigns, by creating an experience that was fun, informative…..and a little bit cheeky.



Skipper Otto challenges traditional means of buying seafood by connecting consumers directly to the fishermen. Their unique model aims to keep small scale fishing alive in B.C and ensure customers have access to the very best wild, sustainable seafood.

Through immersive video content, family photos and emotive calls to action, consumers are educated on the importance of eating with the ecosystem and are guided to pledge their commitment by becoming a member. With a primary focus on storytelling and driving sign ups, we created an experience which connects to consumers on an emotional level, ensuring the user flow is considered at every touchpoint to organically guide the user to take action.

UX for E-Commerce

E-Commerce sales in North America has seen double-digit growth over the past decade, and is now a crucial part of most retail operations’ business models. If you can browse it, search it, and buy it online, this category is for you. This category requires that submissions are or were live during the past year (October 2018 to 2019) and include metrics that matter and can demonstrate their impact. No concepts will be accepted.

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Buddi provides cannabis retailers with Interactive in-store menus to allow customers to browse a retailers real-time inventory. Our menus integrate with their point of sale system and are completely automated.

Our system automatically manages and updates the retail menu via our integrations with various cannabis-focused point of sale systems. We read the inventory and based on UPC we decide to add or remove a product from the menu. 

When a customer has decided which products they would like to purchase they can add those to a shopping cart and place an order. This takes the customer's order and parks it inside of the point of sale system. 


Engine Digital

Founded in 2004, Loloi Rugs is a family-owned company that creates artistically-designed rugs, pillows, and throws and distributes them to the trade (wholesale). 

With their recent growth and evolving challenges around product search, site navigation, and the overall e-commerce experience from discovery to checkout, Loloi turned to Engine Digital to completely redesign and improve the website experience. 

The site now functions seamlessly for all customers, including improved product recommendations, a UI that communicates the Loloi brand, and a seamless experience from discovery to checkout, all with scalability in mind as Loloi continues to introduce new product categories.


Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC)

We built this experience to enable our 5 million+ members to get quick access to the gear and apparel they need in order to enjoy good times outside. Armed with the insight that 40% of our members live within 20 minutes of a store and that we had an opportunity to meet their expectations of avoiding shipping fees, needing faster and more convenient delivery options and adapting to their shopping patterns (such as late seasonal shopping), the project was born. 

Bringing intelligence and relevance to our store pickup service, we created an experience to identify eligible products and inform the user about picking up their online order in 2 hours in an effort to drive their decision to shop at MEC.

The solution was to make changes in the online user experience, post purchase communication, and fulfillment process in order to provide members with a faster, more convenient delivery option. 



UX by Students

Student projects help to remind the rest of us of what’s possible. Up-and-coming practitioners are making huge contributions to innovation in this region’s UX community. This award celebrates the work done in courses, extra-curricular activities, or portfolio projects—provided the solutions were not designed for commercial purposes. To submit for this award, applicants must be registered at a B.C. post-secondary institution during the 2017-2018 academic year.


Isabel Chan, Kateryna Jones, Natalie Lingren, Mischa Price, Preston Romey & Jasmeen Virk (SIAT, SFU)

Currently, Twitter is not perceived as a credible source of information due to the subjective nature of user-created content. Large volumes of conflicting information can cause unnecessary panic and confusion among those who are checking Twitter for clear and recent information, especially under the stress of an emergency.

Emergency officials are currently utilizing Twitter when releasing official statements, reports, and updates to the public. However, with the amount of tweets spiking during emergencies there is no guarantee that their information is reaching the right people. Our solution is an attempt to bridge the gap between people searching for reliable answers in emergencies, and the accounts that are providing it. An intervention that can mitigate the right information from getting lost can provide an accessible resource for both audiences and bring credibility to Twitter’s brand.


Elvina Prasad, Russell Tse, Jason Yang, Perla Patricia Ramirez, Garry Grewal (SIAT, SFU)

Our mobile application, YouMe is an inclusive sexual education app that aims to teach sexual education topics through gamification elements by allowing users to learn, apply, and discover. 

Users are given the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics ranging from relationships to reproduction. Each topic is its own module with a set number of lessons users can complete at their own pace. Each lesson contains an informational video and article the user can choose to use in order to learn about their chosen topic.

After watching the informational video and/or article, users can then apply what they’ve learned through a quick and easy interactive quiz.

We believe that learning shouldn’t be boring and a linear process, hence why users can unlock fun mini-games by completing certain modules and lessons. These games are meant to allow users to apply what they’ve learned and can be played either individually or with friends.


Estela Xu, Nikie Zuo, Nusrath Imtiaz, Cassey Peng and Keefe Liew (SIAT, SFU)

We created a health-tracking app which helps remote caregivers provide care and support to their distant loved ones. When apart, providing care to a loved one is challenging because staying informed is often difficult. By providing access to informative data tracked by wearable technology and offering simple health reports and suggestions based on the data, Medilog enables distant caregivers to be informed and provide care even while apart. Furthermore, the app also enables caregivers to schedule appointments with family doctors and suggest health tasks for care receivers. Lastly, with an emergency trigger, Medilog ensures that caregivers are well-informed and notified in cases of emergency. With Medilog, distant caregiving is made less complex so caregivers can feel connected and provide care seamlessly to distant loved ones.


People's Choice Award

Best UX as voted by the attendees of 2019 Demo Day.

Logic & Form


Jury Selection: Best UX

Best UX as voted by the 2019 Judges panel.

Microsoft Vancouver