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Announcing 2021's Keynote Speaker: Bradley Shende

We’re happy to announce the Keynote Speaker of this year’s Van UX Awards is Bradley Shende

Meet Bradley:

A Creative Technologist and Storyteller, Bradley is the co-founder an Indigenous business accelerator called INDIGENEXT and created a think tank devoted to sustainable economic development. Now dedicated entirely to technologically supported social impact projects he continues his focus for the simple beauty behind complexity.

Meet the Keynote:

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Meet the Team: Gordon Ross

Vancouver is a great place to be a UX practitioner. Gordon Ross—Co-Founder and Vice President of OpenRoad—attributes this to the strength of local education programs, a thriving startup ecosystem, established independent agencies, and the presence of global tech companies. Together, these things offer UX practitioners a lot of a opportunity to experience variety in their work.

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Meet the Team: JP Holecka

As POWERSHiFTER returns to the Awards for the third year, organizing committee member JP Holecka reflects on the evolution of the UX industry.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Microsoft Vancouver

Microsoft returns to the VanUX Awards for a third year as UX by Students sponsor and Demo Day host.

Microsoft is an organization that’s passionate about helping people learn and improve, explains Pam Saunders, Microsoft Vancouver’s PR Manager. As an organization their mission is to empower every person and organization around the globe to achieve more, however, they define it. This mission Pam explains bleeds into everything they do, from the products they ship to the initiatives they support, and even culture they strive to cultivate internally.

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Sponsor Spotlight: SAP

SAP joins the Vancouver User Experience Awards as our keynote sponsor.

As a Director of User Experience at SAP, Julian Richards is proud to lead his Vancouver-based team in creating amazing experiences. One of which is SAP Jam Collaboration, a platform that addresses the evolving needs of today's digital workplaces. As the workplace changes, UX has never been more critical given the proliferation of tools and processes that connect employees. The growth of the SAP Jam platform’s subscriber base from 34 million in 2016 to 53 million in 2018 is evidence of this.

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Meet the Team: Mallory O’Connor

As Habanero returns to the Awards for the fifth year, organizing committee member and event co-founder Mallory O’Connor reflects on the evolution of the VanUX Awards.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Steamclock

“Sponsoring the Vancouver UX Awards is a way for us to show that we care about this community,” said Allen Pike, founder, and CEO of Steamclock. “It’s really important to contribute and participate in your local ecosystem, which is why I’m excited to get us involved this year.”