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Vancouver UX Awards announce 2019 Gala Keynote

The Vancouver UX Awards and our Keynote Sponsor AGI are excited to announce our opening 2019 Keynote address "From Resistance to Acceptance: Making Change Stick" will be given by Sarah Dickinson and Erin Cooper of NOBL. 

Keynote Summary

Like any grand adventure, leading change requires skill, daring, and yes, good fortune. Frequently those blazing new trails are you - the intrepid UX leader. 

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Katherine Benjamin announced as MC of 2019 Vancouver UX Awards Gala

The Vancouver UX Awards are excited to announce that the 2019 Gala will be hosted by Katherine Benjamin, the Vice President of Service Design at Ayogo, a digital healthcare startup based in Vancouver.

Benjamin describes the Vancouver design scene as tending to "quietly do awesome things."

"This is the one night a year we proudly shine a spotlight on the boundary-breaking projects coming out of Vancouver,” she says.

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BrainStation and Vancouver UX Awards announce scholarships

In partnership with the Vancouver UX Awards, BrainStation is committed to eliminating barriers and empowering individuals to achieve success in the digital world. To promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion in technology, BrainStation and the Vancouver UX Awards are excited to offer three $2,000 scholarships for certificate courses to underrepresented groups (Indigenous peoples, racialized groups, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+). 

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Sponsor Spotlight: Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

“Inspiration” is the reason why Finger Food Advanced Technology Group has returned as a sponsor of the Vancouver UX Awards for a fourth consecutive year.

“Every year we're inspired by the work of those nominated,” explains the Finger Food Advanced Technology Group’s Senior Creative Director Tyler Payne. “Very few events really showcase the best of UX and design each year, especially when it comes to up-and-coming companies and individuals.”

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Meet the Team: Wells Stringham

Wells Stringham is always looking to the future. As the Head of Experience at Vancouver’s Apply Digital, he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible when innovating UX to create more exciting digital products. As an Industry Mentor for students at Vancouver Film School, Wells shares this passion with up-and-coming UX designers as they grow their own skills and find their feet. 

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Meet the Team: Anthony Hempell

Like many in the UX field, Anthony Hempell, President and Managing Director of Antenna Consulting, took a long and winding path to work in UX and eventually lead his own consultancy.

"It’s one of the things I love to hear about from anyone I meet in our industry — what did you do before? What prompted you to make the move? What keeps you interested and engaged?” 

"I think the diversity of backgrounds among UX practitioners is one of our greatest strengths,” he explains.

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Meet the Team: Gordon Ross

Vancouver is a great place to be a UX practitioner. Gordon Ross—Co-Founder and Vice President of OpenRoad—attributes this to the strength of local education programs, a thriving startup ecosystem, established independent agencies, and the presence of global tech companies. Together, these things offer UX practitioners a lot of a opportunity to experience variety in their work.

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Meet the Team: JP Holecka

As POWERSHiFTER returns to the Awards for the third year, organizing committee member JP Holecka reflects on the evolution of the UX industry.