Vancouver User Experience Awards 2016 Vancouver User Experience Awards

Recognizing joy, elegance, clarity, innovation and impact in the interactions we create.

Call for Entries

Call for Entries

Do your interactions bring joy, elegance, clarity, innovation, or impact to users? If so, we encourage you to enter the 2017 Vancouver User Experience Awards!

These awards give the Lower Mainland’s UX practitioners a place to showcase our work and get recognized for the incredible things we create every day. There is no cost to submit your work.

Call for entries opens Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 - mark your calendars!

Award Categories

We've refined this year's categories to better represent the breadth of great user experience work being done across the Lower Mainland.

  • UX for Products and Services

    Digital products and services play an important role in our everyday lives. We depend on them to make our lives simpler and easier to manage. Vancouver is brimming with companies whose focus is to create, refine, and hone these experiences. This award category allows us to highlight the very best in digital product and service experiences.

  • UX for Emerging Experiences

    The future is no longer at a distance—wearables, internet of things, bots, virtual, augmented and mixed reality are already here. These devices are creating a new opportunity for user experience. This award category allow us to surface the emerging interactions and immersive experiences that our community is creating.

  • UX for Good

    Non-profit organizations fill a unique and important space in the Lower Mainland. Great user experiences are essential to improving the way non-profits work with their partners, communities, and stakeholders. This award recognizes charities and foundations, social campaigns, professional associations, and public sector enterprises. Entrants should demonstrate how they’ve created a user experience that helps a non-profit organization achieve its goals and/or serve its members.

  • UX for Work

    Internal processes should never get in the way of serving customers and helping employees get stuff done. This award celebrates any solution—intranets, business applications, or other systems—that provide great user experiences for people inside organizations of any size.

  • UX by Students

    Student projects help to remind the rest of us of what’s possible. Up-and-coming practitioners are making huge contributions to innovation in this region’s UX community. This award celebrates the work done in courses, extra-curricular activities, or portfolio projects—provided the solutions were not designed for commercial purposes. To submit for this award, applicants must be registered at a B.C. post-secondary institution during the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Best UX

    This is the grand-prize category and will be a juried selection from finalists across all categories, excluding UX by Students. The winner represents some of the best in user experience design the Lower Mainland has to offer.

  • People's Choice

    Using social media and the awards website, we will allow users to vote on the best experience from among the finalists, across all categories. Voting will open just before the awards gala.

Award Criteria

All solutions will be evaluated and scored by the judges on how they satisfy these five criteria.

  • Joy

    Is the work delightful to use? How much care appears to be put into creating an experience people will want to use?

  • Elegance

    How cohesive and refined does the solution feel? How seamless and consistent are users’ interactions with the solution?

  • Clarity

    Some interactions are complex in nature—how does the experience support clear mastery of the task at hand, while minimizing friction?

  • Innovation

    What’s new, different, or exciting about this work? How does it stack up to current conventions and patterns we use today?

  • Impact

    What results can be attributed to the user experience of the solution? What measurable ways has it impacted business and people?

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